This project's focus was to create a playable prototype in UE4. The goals were to establish a high visual bar, a working character with combat abilities, and some gameplay. The project was built entirely by myself over the course of two months with the exception being some VFX work by Jamal Coleman.

In the end, I created the following systems entirely in blueprint

-Character pawn blueprint with locomotion, jumping, sprinting, ranged and melee attacks, health, damage, and death functionality. It also included the ability to pickup items.
-Character animation blueprint to support all behavior
-Weapon pickups that pass data for damage, names, models, etc
-Full multiplayer support with server authority and proper replication
-In game lobby and staging UI
-Health bars and floating damage numbers for players and NPCs
-NPC Ai with movement, aggro, wake up states, simple pathing, and collision
-Interactable ground foliage. The foliage moves as the player passes through it

In addition to the systems above, I created:

-All the character and environment materials
-All environment assets, set dressing, lighting, and post processing
-Camera animations in sequencer
-Gear for the character including the ponytail
-Physics based bone chain for the character's ponytail
-Cloth simulation on the character's equipment


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